EP Song Sampler from Tree Hill Collective



Website: http://treehillcollective.com
Free Sampler:  http://noisetrade.com/treehillcollective
Purchase: Itunes 

From Their Site:  
Tree Hill Collective is the outpouring of redeemed hearts to give glory to a living God and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Everything we do is dedicated to bringing the best we can offer back to God and for the benefit of His worshiping church.  We are a group of Christ’s redeemed, joined together in Him for the purpose of offering our very best for the edification of His church.  We are a network of songwriters, independent artists, and music industry professionals who exist to create and share the very best worship songs and to craft and make freely available all of the resources the church needs to use them.

Review:    The Four Song EP contains well produced theologically rich songs.  The standout song is by far “I Choose To Praise You”  which from my view will most definitely resonate with many and I am sure this particular song is already being used in many different settings.    The other 3 songs on the EP are also well produced and theologically rich as well done, well crafted songs.   The feel reminds me of a Sovereign Grace album in theological depth, production and beauty.  You get the sense that the writers of these songs have spent many years developing and writing for the church and the production highlights the songs beautifully.

This project and the whole idea, reminds me as a songwriter that my calling as a songwriter is not meant to isolate me from others.  They have built their ministry on community where each others each of them can share their gifts for the Glory of God.  This should be a lesson for developing songwriters as far too many songwriters try to be producer, vocalist, arranger, studio musician in addition to writing the song.   That will work for some, perhaps, but for most songwriters embracing your gifting and role in the overall scheme of a project like this can lead to beauty and clear communication that is rarely possible for one person alone.  I am inspired and applaud the heart, effort and accomplishment.


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Free EP From Rich Kirkpatrick

You can find this EP for a limited time at http://noisetrade.com/richkirkpatrick

If you are a worship leader, you are most likely familiar with the name, Rich Kirkpatrick.  He is appeared as a writer or presenter for major outlets for several years.  He hosts the popular worshipmythbusters.com podcast and his blog is a great resource for worship leaders as well.


I have recognized the name but in the deluge of web content that is the web, I almost overlooked a treasure trove of from someone who has walked the path for several years.   Looking over his sites, you can tell many people look to Rich as a sort of “worship mentor” by way of the web.


His latest EP (Provided free for a limited time), “Drink The Divine” is well produced and well written.  That is not what impresses me about this particular offering.  You get a real sense and awe and reverence from this music.  This music is lived out in a walk of faith that is not trying to follow trends, but follow Jesus in a real way and express something real.  His honesty shines deeply as I am encouraged to drink deeply of the well where this music sprang forth.  A drink of the divine indeed.

It is a free download but If you love it, I would encourage you to “leave a tip” and encourage Rich or better yet buy it on itunes!

Link Love
Official Website

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Free Worship EP From Gary Durbin

This EP is available free through a widget embedded from noisetrade.com/garydurbin

Professionally produced and arranged, this 5 song “Worship EP” shows the skill of ready writer and the heart of a psalmist.  Gary’s music is both engaging and encouraging.

I discovered Gary Durbin several years ago on the CCLI video site www.ccli.tv and have used his song “Alleluia” in worship that was featured there several years back.  I promptly downloaded that song from iTunes the second I heard it.

Gary’s strength in writing is his melody and the Worship EP highlights his gift to provide the church strong, singable melodies with theological maturity that is engaging to listen to.  His voice is unique and very engaging as well.

Latest Work:
If you like this worship EP, to buy his new Jesus EP which I also have on my iPod.  The New EP is a strong offering and I was excited to hear his latest work.   The Jesus EP is a cool drink of water from a well of faith that is obviusly deep.

Get it on iTunes here.

Link Love:



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The Worship EP – By Ben Woodward


 The Worship EP by Ben Woodward.

If you are familiar with the All About Worship Podcast and family of websites,  and their most excellent collective, then you will be familiar with Ben Woodward.    His song “Running into Your Name”  is featured on the collective.

He is offing a Free Six Song EP on http://somethingelserecords.com.

I have listened to a lot of free music over the years, but this EP absolutely blew me away. Lyrical depth and musical beauty on scale with any major label work, however what blows me away about it is the sincerity which he sings.   Good singers are a dime a dozen, but I sense this man to be a worshiper who cares more of the Glory of God to be shone in it’s rightful place than to build his own kingdom.

I can not recommend it more highly.  It is on my iPod and I listen frequently.
I will buy anything he puts out too!

Freeworshipmusic review

Ben Woodward Links

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Free Worship Music from David Delgado

Adore – New Studio Release from David Delgado
Produced by Brad Gaddy at Onetruthstudio.com

Reminiscent of the best of folk in the sixties and seventies with a modern groove, and mix. Optimistic, biblically mature lyrics that are not afraid of doubt while expressing hope, love and faith.

Download more music for free at daviddelgado.com

Adore Video

Watch and Share the video to the song “Adore” by David Delgado
You can Download the single on for free on noisetrade.com/daviddelgado

You Have Been Faithful (2003)

The 2003 Studio Album Release by David Delgado.   Produced by Lee and Rob Krabbe,  this album has been downloaded thousands of times since 2005 when it was first posted as a free cd.



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