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David Delgado is a songwriter and worship leader from Oklahoma.  Since 1999 he has been posting his music online before free was the cool new thing.  I started freeworshipmusic.com as a way for me and a few friends to post our music that we were writing from the church.  Currently I am the Worship Pastor at Christ Community Church in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  
Starting freeworshipmusic.com again after getting hacked is going to be a new adventure.  I am glad you are here for the ride. Always up for email,  david@daviddelgado.com 


Your Love Is Amazing

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:10
This version was written and recorded simply on my computer almost 14 years ago. It is far from perfect, still some find it helpful and meaningful. 127k views.

I welcome you to download my entire studio album for FREE at http://www.daviddelgado.com This song was re-recorded in a different version on the album.

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