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Rob Krabbe
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Rob Krabbe is an author and composer living Kansas with his wife of thirty years. He has spent a great deal of his life as a musician and song writer, and has recently focused more of his time on his story writing. He has written thousands of songs and is making them available at for people to use worldwide.

He now spends most of his days in his cabin office in the woods writing, and has several novels and projects in process. He has written and published several short stories and poems, and has previously published two books including a collection of his short stories, Chaos to Order and Back Again, and a daily poetry journal, Forty Days in the Dessert - forty days of prayer and fasting. The Jake Collins Band - The Fading Silence is the first of a three-part trilogy of adventure novels.

Rob is incredibly creative and a little quirky. His love of a good cup of coffee is legendary, and anyone who stops by can count on being offered a fresh cup.